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Ep 123: Flight 19 and the Bermuda Triangle

With this week's episode about the flight of Navy Avengers called Flight 19 and the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.  You get to choose if you are on Team Steve or Team Kim.  Rational and plausible or supernatural forces at work. Whichever, Steve dug up some fascinating details and did his best to piece together multiple accounts of Flight 19 to give you one complete account.  Kim was able to explore the supernatural and "other" theories to what causes so many dissaperances within the Bermuda Triangle. Both go into their own conclusions and analysis.

Ep122: Strange Laws Part II

Who would have thought it would have taken two episodes to get though the strange laws in the United States!

In this episode we finish up by starting in Kentucky wind up in Wyoming.

Ep121: Strange State Laws, Part 1

Every state has some peculiarities.  Some of these peculiar things are so peculiar the state saw fit to make a law about it.

Ep 120: The San Fransisco Earthquake of 1906

This week is the anniversary of the San Francisco Earthquake 1906.  On April 18th of 1906 an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 hit San Fransisco.  The damage from the quake and the resulting fires nearly destroyed the city killing an estimated 3000 people.  In this episode we try to tale the stories of the survivors and capture the human side of the disaster.  

Ep 119: Custer Part II

This week we continue our tale of George Armstrong Custer.  Listen and decide for yourself, hero or villain while you try and sort out what is fact and what is fiction.

Ep 118: Custer, Part I

This week we take on such a colorful character that it is going to take two episodes to fit it all in.  We are talking about George Armstrong Custer.  Hero or villain?  Listen and decide for yourself.

Ep 117: Ukraine Primer

We thought we should talk about the war in Ukraine.  In this episode we break down the key players and organizations and their roles in what is happening as we speak.

Join us in our hopes and prayers for peace.

Ep 116: The Bonus March of 1932

Here is a story you may have never heard. This episode tells the story of the WWI Veterans and their fight to claim the bonuses they were promised after the war.  The Army was sent to clear them out of their camps in Washington D.C.  A very sad day in American history.

Ep 115: Murder & Mayhem in Dayton and the Miami Valley

This week we interview local author and blogger Sara Kaushal, the writer of "Murder & Mayhem in Dayton and the Miami Valley". What happens when forensic science goes wrong?  Listen and find out!

Ep114: Groundhog Day

Everything you ever wanted to know about the beast and the tradition of Groundhog Day!

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