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Ep 54: Suburban Naturalist

This week we talk to Sarah, who tells us about her holistic approach to diet and education.  Learn about veganism, unschooling, and how to love the haters.

Ep 53: Buford Pusser

This week's episode is about legendary sheriff Buford Pusser of McNairy County, Tennessee fame.  He carried a big stick!

Ep 52: 1969

Join us as we celebrate our one year anniversary show! We tried to find a year that was as tumultuous as 2020. We came up with 1969.

Ep 51: Kim and Steve

As we prepare for our first anniversary episode next week we thought we would tell you a little about us.  Nothing exciting here.

Ep 50: Chad and Michelle

We take a break this week and check in with Chad and Michelle to get their positive outlook on life.

Ep 49: Ben Franklin

Hamil-who?  This week we talk about Kim's favorite Founding, Father: Ben Franklin!!!

Ep 48: Building a Nation

Starting a country and writing a constitution isn't as easy as it sounds.  This episode takes you from the end of the Revolutionary War up to the War of 1812.  The critical years of seeing if the Great American Experiment would actually work.

Ep 47: The American Revolution

After years of build-up the Colonists had enough.  A shot was fired that was heard 'round the world and history was changed forever.

Ep 46: The British Are Coming

This week we continue our look at the Revolutionary War.  The Colonist finally had enough. This episode brings us up to the Shot Heard Round the World.

Ep 45: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death: Pre-Revolution Part 1

Welcome to the start of our series on the American Revolutionary War. This week, King George declares that you get a tax!  And YOU get a tax!  And YOU get a tax!! It's complicated.

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