An Hour of Your Life

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Ep 30: Making of a Movie

In this episode we talk with independent film maker Steve Heman about what it takes to make a movie.  Steve also discusses his latest film Cole Rich [I Got Your Back] which will be released on February 23rd. 

Ep 29: The Battle of Los Angeles

Kim and Steve talk about the strangest battle of World War II that never happened.  But it's all true!

Ep: 28 Gem City Crossover

It's a special edition!! Kim and Steve sit down with Terry "IzzyRock" Martin to discuss podcasting, local music, and how to make friends and influence people. Check out his interview with us on Gem City Podcast as well!

Ep: 27 The Unbelievable True Story of Jenny Wiley

Meet Jenny Wiley, the incredibly hardcore lady who had a baby in a cave, fought off kidnappers, and swam across a bunch of rivers in the dead of winter in Kentucky. No big deal.

Ep 26: Dayton Part II

In this week's Dayton finale, learn what Gem City Shine really means.

Ep 25: Dayton Part 1

This week, we try to give back a little to the city that has given us so much.  In honor of the Best of Dayton, learn about the early history of the Gem City!

Ep 24: Going Green

Ever thought about being a little more earth-friendly and self-sustainable? Find out how a family in upstate New York is doing it.

Ep 23: Role of the Media

Is the press the fourth branch of government? Listen to a little history of the American press and their role in American society.

Ep 22: The Christmas Truce of 1914

Listen to a story that happened on Christmas Eve 1914 during World War 1.  If it wasn't so well documented you would never believe this incredible story was true.

Ep 21: Santa and Christmas

Kim and Steve explore the legend of Santa and some of your favorite Christmas traditions.