An Hour of Your Life

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Ep 44: Blue Jacket

So much history in Ohio.  In this weeks episode we explore Blue Jacket and the complicated politics of being a Native American in the Ohio Country and of course Beaver Wars.

Ep 43: Bears, Wolves and Alley Cats

We have fun with this episode as we listen to some authentic tall tales as told by William "Pappy" Spears. Recorded in the 70's and brought to you now through modern technology.

Ep 42: Cults

This week, we take a look at the inner workings of a cult, and feature what appears to be a cult in its relative infancy.

Ep 41: Weird Medicine

Yeah, that nasal swab to test for COVID might be unpleasant, but at least no one is peeing in your ear.

Ep 40: Coronaspiracies

It is crazy out there with all the conspiracy theories linked to Coronavirus.  We try to lighten the mood by taking a look at some of the most far-fetched ones out there.

Ep 39: The Dust Bowl

There is a lot more to the Dust Bowl than dust storms. Listen to this episode as we peel the skin off this onion and learn the history, causes, and effects of this period of our past.

Ep 38: Prohibition

This episode is part 2 of our series about Prohibition.  Listen to stories about speakeasies, gangsters and our favorite, the man in the green hat who was the bootlegger to Capital Hill.

Ep 37: Prehibition

This week we take a look at what happens when activists win one battle and start another.  Learn about the roots of Prohibition and the people who made liquor loss their life's work.

Ep 36: Good Dog!

Let's take a break from what's going on in the world and listen to some heart-warming stories about good boys and girls.

Ep 35: Pandemic 2020 - We’re All In This Together

In this episode we interview real people who are affected by the COVID-19 situation that everyone is facing right now.  Listen to some inspiring individuals and their resilience.  We are going to get through this.